sparrowpostSparrowpost.net adheres to the philosophy that lifestyle changes can help us address the large scale environmental and social problems we face as 21st century Americans. We believe that the way we choose to live, buy, and create in our everyday lives amounts to a political statement more powerful than any slogan, or election day referendum. Sparrowpost.net is ad-free and operates thanks to readers who donate their time, commitment, and craft to the site’s ideals.

Sparrowpost.net gets its name from Tasha Tudor’s classic children’s book, “A Time to Keep,” which describes the holidays celebrated by an idealized 19th century New England family over the course of the year. Though the family celebrates holidays in a BIG way, they rarely do it by buying stuff. In November they buckle down and make Christmas Presents, and in May they celebrate by going outside and planting the garden. For Valentine’s Day, the family “had a small post office, with letters delivered by Sparrow Post.” Ideally, this site will be a sort-of Sparrow Post, where readers can send their ideas, articles and projects for relishing the events of the turning year.

The site will also be a place to feature articles by me and (ideally) by you, the reader. Your submissions are welcome. Each month will also feature an artist showcase, which will be oriented towards non-professional, inexpensive artistic production. Please send all suggestions for artists, articles, and projects to admin@sparrowpost.net

Welcome to Sparrowpost.net, please visit frequently to see the site change and improve.


Carla Blackmar

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