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Featured Surfer/ Arwen O'Reilly

Arwen O'Reilly is an editor at MAKE: Magazine, which has a hopping blog of its own, and she is constantly coming across new and wonderful websites.She loves Google so much she tries to search her books, her purse and her room before she remembers that it's not yet possible. Here are a few of her favorite links this week:
for greenies, this blog has a constant stream of great articles, websites and products that give you hope that we just might manage to make the world a better place. A great craft blog with a mixture of posts about crafters, artists, exhibits and how-tos. If you like crafting at all (and you probably wouldn't be looking at Sparrowpost if you didn't), this is stuff you want to know. A great collaborative site that lets users post instructions for just about anything. It has an incredibly easy user interface (uploading your own instructions is a snap) and it's amazing to see the bizarre, cool, and even useful projects that people post. (Full disclosure: my boyfriend started the site, but I promise I wouldn't subject to you it if it weren't good.)
Oh, the fun you can have if you're a word nerd. This website has a compendium of lost words, links to dictionaries, articles about words, and all manner of other word-related trivia. Exactly what it sounds like: a timeline showing when various foods were introduced. Each food is linked to a history of the food and wonderful quotes from various time periods. The OED of edibles. Great blog about the intersection of art and technology (and design and architecture and fashion and politics and life). Posts, links and interviews about all of the aforementioned, and then some. Plus, unlike most other blogs that collect information, this one is run by just one girl! And she's Belgian and hot! An amazing blog run by an artist who asked people to send anonymous postcards (handmade or otherwise) with a secret they had never told anyone before. The postcards are then posted on the blog and they are funny and strange and beautiful. It's also been turned into a book.
Run by Katherine Berenson, who's an expert on antique French textiles, this site just charms my socks off. She only updates periodically, but she finds amazing textile treasures and documents each piece with comments and photos. And, if you're so inclined, you can buy an 19th century schoolgirl sampler or pair of 18th century damask breeches for less than the price of an ipod.
I love this Mr. Jalopy, and I'm not afraid to say it. This blog is mostly about vintage cars and old DIY tech, and is often over my head, but it's still a treat. There was a rad recent post about the top five sleeper cars of all time (the ones ya didn't appreciate at the time) and another one about hippie caravans. Tasty. Also mostly about cars and DIY, but with a slightly different sensibility (you'll see what I mean). Great step-by-step instructions for repeating his experiments (everything from bottle rockets to restoring vintage car seats to faking marble counters).

Greek DressThis is AMAZING! It's a bunch of links to scans of drawings of different styles of ancient Greek dress by J. Moyr Smith. Utterly charming.

Crafts and Holidays special thanks to Andrea D. for suggesting this site. It's GREAT.

Church of Craft also from Andrea D., and also amazing. Please visit it.. of course I'm trying to rip off her style!

Embroiderer's Guild shockingly good website about embroidery... they have beautiful projects based on historic embroidered textiles.

More Environment

Voice Yourself by Woody Harelson. You know you're an environmental website when your background color is acid green and there are lots of butterfly graphics.

Co-op America VERY Ex-consumer. Lots of good tips for voting with your dollars.

Path to Freedom Amazing website of an "Urban Pioneer" family that grows their own food on their home lot.


Ross Family


Natural History

Oceans of Kansas: there used to be an ocean in Kansas. This site has some great artistic renderings of triassic/jurassic ocean life that lived there.

Yale Peabody Museum This link will take you to the "Age of Reptiles" feature, but the entire website is great.

NOVA Coelacanth NOVA's page about coelcanths.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History this paticular link takes you to the section about The Burgess Shale.

USGS Geologic Time this is the best geologic time reference I've found on the web, but I don't think it's that good.

Australian Animals check out this site for some good pix of wierd animals.

National Parks Service if only their website's font were yellow letters burned onto wood plaquards.





Natural Resources Defense Council I think I prefer their site to the Sierra Club's or the WWF's. If you hunt around, you can find good stuff on it.

Ecology Center, Berkley, CA This place is EPIC. A good resource for making you feel that you are a comparatively less-neurotic environmentalist.

How To Five star website on composting. Proves that some hippies know how to use computers.

Envirolink Network Super index of environmental resources available on the web. VERY good.

New American Dream You have to register, but it's worth it. This is the website I'm trying to make.

The Green Guide Consumer reports for environmentalists. Essential.

Environmental Directory A directory of environmental directories.

Grist Magazine lots of articles about the environment.


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