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>> A new film by Dave Rosenthal confronts end-of-llife decisions.


Second hand seduction: it's new to you. By Andy Rice >>

>> But I recycle! Investigating the true cost of the plastic grocery bag.
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Sparrowpost Tip/ Fruit Bag
Putting paper bags around fruit both hastens ripening and helps naturally detour pests. -(Pam Hart)
Blog/ Earth Day Editorial by Carla Blackmar
Earth Day seems to have become mainstream, and I think the primary forces we have to thank for this are OPEC, geopolitics, and the higher-than-usual gas prices the US has experienced over the past year. Nothing says “Earth Day” like $3+/gallon at the pump. Read more >> Archives


What is Sparrowpost? An Introduction to the site by Carla Backmar

Contemporary Commons What Happened to the town green? by Elizabeth Blackmar

Mission Hills Commons My local "commons" by Carla Blackmar

2006 Wish List All the things I hope will happen in the New Year. by Carla Backmar

"Yard Sailing" Shopping outside the box. by Andy Rice

"The Great Carpet Swindle" A response to a NYT Feature titled "Living Large by Design"

"Garden Overgrown," how the buliding formerly known as the Fleet Center begins to resemble a casino. by Andy Rice

"Bazaar Del Mundo: Border Museum." Will the "authetification" of Old Town San Diego be a loss or a gain for the city? by C. Blackmar


Spring Holidays:

March: Sugaring Off in Vermont

Winter Holiday Should we let go of "snail mail" holiday greetings?

Winter Holiday Holiday shopping outside the box. by Andy Rice

Christmas: Is it possible to have an Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree?

Christmas: A review of Bill McKibben's book "Hundred Dollar Holiday"

Halloween: What to do with all the leftover pumpkins?

St Patrick's Day: Celebrating root vegetables and good craic.

Valentine's Day: Collaged Valentines, Cookies.

Superbowl Sunday: Trying to be earth-freindly in all the wrong places.

Artist Showcase:

David Rosenthal
"Witnessing Death" review and interview.

Marianne Blackmar:
Tie Weavings

Nick Weiss: "Free Samples." Interview.

David Rosenthal: Bathrooms.

Efrat Kussell: Collaged Valentines.


Classic Succulent Wreath How to make a live wreath out of succulents.

Winter Composting How to keep the metabolic fires burning all year 'round.

Make your own Yogurt customize your custard.

Embroidered handkerchiefs made from old T-shirts.

Why handkerchiefs are great. by Kent Rodzwicz.

Why Compost? A garden professional testifies.

New cookie cutters: stay up to date by re-shaping your cookie cutters for each new holiday.

Bulbs: unveiling the mystery.

Ex-Consumer Report

Problem Product Grocery Bags

Problem Product: Bottled Water

ExConsumer Blog Log Notes from the ExConsumer year

ExConsumer Violations 2005 The stuff I shouldn't have bought.

Stupid Shopper February.

Problem Products Vote with your dollars

How not buying books can make you smarter

Why handkerchiefs are great. by Kent Rodzwicz.

What is the Ex-Consumer Project?

Why the Ex-Consumer Project?