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 Holiday/ Earth Day 2006
It's Earth Day!

* Check out our first year's worth of Environmental Coverage (below) >>
* Read Carla's Earth Day Editorial >>
* How will you be celebrating? How have you celebrated before?
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ExConsumer Project >>

Join five people as they try to reduce their ecological footprint in 2006:

Level 1, No Giftwrap:    
Efrat Kussell >>

Level 2: No beverage containers
Sam Blackmar >>

Level 3: No new Clothes
Raedia Sikkema >>

Level 4: Reduced Driving
Marianne Blackmar >>

ExConsumer Projcect 2005
Carla Blackmar resolves not to buy anything new as a form of political protest. She breaks her resolution occasionally, but generally learns from the experience.

All readers are strongly encouraged to join in on the ExConsumer Project throughout the year. Please post your commitments and comments on the forum.

Problem Products >> investigates the environmental cost of some familiar products:

Disposable Grocery Bags >>

   <<Plastic Water Bottles

Aseptic Packaging >>      

   Shrimp and Shellfish >>

Christmas Trees >>        

Earth Frendly Projects>

Projects and portfolios for the crafty environmentliast >>

Vermicomposting with Pam Hart >>

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs with Arwen O'Reilly >>

Recycled Necktie Weavings with Marianne Blackmar >>

Pumpkins into Hearts: reshaping cookie cutters for re-use >>

Make your own yogurt with Carla Blackmar >>

Turning T-Shrits into elegant Handkercheifs >>

Recycled Magazine Cards with Efrat Kussell >>

Living succulent wreaths with Carla Blackmar >>

Cooking your Halloween Pumpkins into delicious dinners >>

Simple Holidays >>

Spring Holidays:

March: Sugaring Off in Vermont

Winter Holiday Should we let go of "snail mail" holiday greetings?

Winter Holiday Holiday shopping outside the box. by Andy Rice

Christmas: Is it possible to have an Environmentally Friendly Christmas Tree?

Christmas: A review of Bill McKibben's book "Hundred Dollar Holiday"

St Patrick's Day: Celebrating root vegetables and good craic.

Valentine's Day: Collaged Valentines, Cookies.

Superbowl Sunday: Trying to be earth-freindly in all the wrong places.

Upcoming Features >> is always looking for writers, articles and ideas. The work is uncompensated, but then again, we will never ask YOU for money!

CURRENTLY, Sparrowpost is looking for people to do/write the following:

* A "Problem Product" feature on electricity.

* Reminisences on Spring Holidays from all traditions: particularly, Easter, Holi, May Day, Cherry Blossom Festivals, etc. If you celebrate any of these holidays, please contact us.

* Someone intersted in writing a piece about basic clothing repairs.

* A piece on the stylish alteration of old t-shirts.

* An ExConsumer willing to try to "eat local" for an entire year.

*Someone whose craft is wittling.

email if you can help or contribute any of these things...

Articles >>

Contemporary Commons What Happened to the town green? by Elizabeth Blackmar

Mission Hills Commons My local "commons" by Carla Blackmar

2006 Wish List All the things I hope will happen in the New Year. by Carla Backmar

"Yard Sailing" Shopping outside the box. by Andy Rice

"The Great Carpet Swindle" A response to a NYT Feature titled "Living Large by Design"

"Garden Overgrown," how the buliding formerly known as the Fleet Center begins to resemble a casino. by Andy Rice

"Bazaar Del Mundo: Border Museum." Will the "authetification" of Old Town San Diego be a loss or a gain for the city? by C. Blackmar

Earth Day/ 2006

San Diego's EarthFair 2006 in Balboa park was awesome! We gave away tons of worms, and met a bunch of really cool people.

To top it all off, we got written up in the San Diego Union Tribune today! Send your friends over to the U-T Article, and encourage them to join the Sparrowpost email list.

How will you be celebrating? Put a note on the Sparrowpost forum...

Check out the following Earth Day links:

Earth Day Net. The main Earth Day site, which can hook you up with events in your area.

My A great site which allows you to calculate your Ecological Footprint based upon your life choices.

Tree Hugger A great site for trends in green living.

New American An awesome site for re-defining your "dream" in more eco-friendly terms. is an online community of people who believe that small lifestyle changes can help us address the large scale environmental and social problems we face as 21st century Americans. We believe that the way we choose to live, buy, and create in our everyday lives amounts to a political statement more powerful than any slogan, or election day. is ad-free and operates thanks to readers who donate their time, commitment, and craft to the site’s ideals. Please join our mailing list by emailing