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Does "Mission Hills Commons" Development Deserve Points for Trying? (By Carla Blackmar)

Contemporary Commons:
By Elizabeth Blackmar

"Most Americans associate the commons with the New England Green. . . but since the 1990s developers have labeled all kinds of American institutions in all regions of the country 'commons'..."

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Old Sparrowpost Articles:

Until Delaware North finds a more moderate outlet for advertisers, I will not attend another Celtics Game. I still play, and I still watch an occasional stretch on TNT (thank god for Charles Barkley, Tommy Heinsohn, and the mute button), but I will not spend more money on going to games. Disillusionment of a Fan>> by Andy Rice

There are a lot of problematics associated with the fantasy Mexican village located in the heart of the Old Town San Diego. What does Bazaar del Mundo have to do with the city's dusty, fishy history? Do the tropical plants and old adobe oversimplify (even misrepresent) the more compelling reality that awaits tourists just an hour's trolley ride south?
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