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Artist Showcase / Marianne Blackmar

What do you do with 1000 old neckties?

Artist Showcase of Weavings by Marianne Blackmar >>


Winter Compost


How to kep the compost pile going all year long. >>go


Embroidered Hankies...

Personalized holiday gifts just in time for cold season >>go to page


SoCal Succulent Wreath:

Finally, a tradition that didn't start "Back East" >>go to page



Vermicomposting with Pam Hart>>

Garden Pro Bestey Mayer explains why one should composting is great>>

Compostable item of the month >>

Winter Composting>>



Afterlife of T-Shirts:

Embroider your own handkerchiefs >>

Kent Rodzwicz describes why he loves handkerchiefs>>


Featured Artists:

Nick Weiss: Free Samples >>

Dave Rosenthal: Bathrooms >>

Efrat Kussell: Valentines >>


Food and Cooking:

What to do with leftover pumpkins >>

Make your own yogurt>>

St. Patrick's Day Stew>>

Recycle your cookie cutters>>