Resisting Resistance Fatigue



Yesterday I attended my local #ResistTrumpTuesday action in front of my Senator’s Los Angeles office. It sounds noble, but I live 2 blocks from the corner where we go to protest, so it’s an easy lunchtime break from work. Because of our proximity, and the fact that we work from home, Mr. Life Partner and I have covered all but 1 of the 5 protests there since #45 took office. What I noticed yesterday (compared to prior Tuesdays) was that the crowd seemed smaller, a little more fatigued and a lot more homogeneous. Maybe I’m projecting my own feelings onto the situation– on the way over rather than holding my sign high, I carried it a little sheepishly past the young, professional workers on their lunch break. I know that in my ‘work from home’ clothes I look like exactly the kind of person who you’d expect to see at a lunchtime protest– a middle-aged, radicalized white lady with the luxury time to muse about being angry. I don’t like fitting that stereotype so precisely, and it was hard to push back a feeling of self-loathing for being that person.

But we gotta push back. So here I go.

I feel like the national discourse after #45’s “on-script” and “presidential” speech to congress last night is dangerously conciliatory, and overly docile. We all want peace and unity, and it is our default to let down on our resistance. Doing otherwise makes you feel like a squeaky wheel, like you are unnecessarily harping on problems. I don’t like to be that person, and the temptation to glide gracefully into complacency is great. But we can’t give into that temptation. #45 and his speechwriters brought their misleading A Game– and it’s up to us to call them on it.

Some suggestions from Twitter:
-We can’t ‘work together’ with #45 on forming a Government Agency to ‘tell the stories the media ignores about victims of violence at the hands of illegal immigrants.’

-We want to preserve healthcare that protects everyone. But such a thing is not possible without the individual mandate. Any ACA replacement without an individual mandate is no replacement at all, the Republican Plan (for the many reasons outlined in Sunday’s helpful explainer from John Oliver), is bunk. If the Republican’s surprise us and realize that the only way for them to make good on their commitment to reduce costs for everyone is single payer, I’m all on board and ready to talk peace and reconciliation. I can’t wait! I would love to have peace and reconciliation on this matter.

-Statements from #45 promising to protect air and water quality are the essence of hypocrisy. I’m not sure if Congress is allowed to walk out of a speech like this, but to me, this would have been the moment.

And this doesn’t even get into the issues that Trump didn’t mention in his speech, most notably, climate change. Are you sick of talking about climate change? I am too! But it doesn’t make it any less problematic. Four years of negligence on this one is probably a death sentence for humanity.

So yeah, I’m going to go back to my #ResistanceTuesday protest at the next chance I get, and this time I’m going to dress in business attire and I’m going to hold my head and my sign high. Maybe I’ll even print myself a new sign for the occasion. This isn’t a grudge fest, it isn’t about being a ‘poor loser.’ This is about the issues that we cannot afford to overlook, and the lies and misinformation that we cannot accept. We’re all tired, but we need to keep going.


  1. You go Carla! I’m right there with you!

  2. You go, girl! I want to see a picture of you “dress in business attire and hold your head and sign high.” next time.

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