#IdesOfTrump Printable Postcards and Mailing Guidelines


DJT Termination of Employment DIY Text_Page_1


  • Printables: Printable pink slip postcards available!  Desktop print versions are here.  Commercial (FedEx Office) print versions here (DIY text) and here (readymade text).
  • BLACK AND WHITE printable pink slip postcards (for printing on colored paper):  DIY Text: here  Readymade text: here
  • Instructions on how to print postcards here.
  • When to Send: There is some debate as to whether podtcards are supposed to ARRIVE by 3/15 or BE MAILED on 3/15…  the official word from IdesOfTrump.com is to SEND postcards on 3/15.  My personal recommendation is to start sending now and to continue as long as you deem necessary (probably long past 3/15).
  • Other postcards Designs: I find myself questioning how constructive the ‘pink slip’ postcards are.  I’ve done some custom “constructive criticism” postcards here.  You may even want to send one of the other subject matter specific cards I’ve made in order to underline your issue.  See a gallery here, and more here.
  • Angry about #45’s lies on Twitter?  Check out these postcards here.

I’m encouraged by the high level of interest in the #IdesOfTrump campaign–the idea that everyone will send a postcard to #45 with the goal of the postcards arriving on March 15, and burying the White House in outcry.

In my prior post on the topic, I included an image of these amazing “Pink Slip” postcards that may have been devleoped by @Gitana_East, but which also seem to be circulating in the ether in various forms.  I want to give major props to whomever originally developed this idea and executed it so stylishly.  (My apologies that I have not been able to discover who you are in order to provide you proper credit, let me know if you read this and I will be glad to credit you!)  You can buy these postcards pre-made from this warehouse site called Zazzle.com–it appears that designers post their ideas here and then the 3rd party (Zazzle) handles printing and sending.

For those of you with a more DIY-bent, I’ve also created some printable versions (print instructions here), by borrowing the design that’s out there on the web.

Both have the sign-able ‘pink slip’ front pictured above, but I made two different versions of the back:

This one has pre-written text, which reads “We the People do hereby serve you, Donald J. Trump, with notice of termination for your failure to keep your oath and uphold and defend the United States Constitution.  You have failed in your role as a civil servant to all Americans, and so effective today, we will not rest until you’re fired.”

DJT Termination of Employment_Page_2

This one has a blank text area for those who may wish to customize with their own, hand-written message.

DJT Termination of Employment DIY Text_Page_2


Remember, you can design your own postcard, or print one of the ones we’ve put up here that is on a topic close to your heart– I can imagine that a diversity of themes mixed in with pink slips could be highly effective.

If you, like me, are frustrated by #45’s Twitter habit, you may enjoy printing these ones:

#IdesofTrump TwitterPoop

Send all postcards to: President Donald J. Trump, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20500


  1. There is a typo on the white page. We will not we ill.


  2. great pink postcards. thanks

  3. I created 23 HOT PINK postcards today (3/6). They are ready for mailing on Saturday, March 11 for arrival at the White House on the 15th. I bought a single hot pink poster board ($1.36) and used my rotary cutter to chop it up into 6″ x 4 1/8″ postcards (max. size is 6″ x 4 1/4″). I cannot print onto postcards using my computer printer, so I printed To: and From: address labels.

    Then I printed the messages I wanted to send. Once I started thinking of them, it was hard to stop. There is so much to pick from! Used a spray adhesive on the back of the messages to stick them to the cards.

    I have a Dymo postage printer so I was able to print the $.34 postage stamps. Total cost $9.18. It took a couple of hours, and I’m glad I did it.

  4. My question… These must be printed on a heaver paper? I’m guessing the post office will not mail them if they are not on a card like paper.

    • You can purchase 8.5×11 cardstock at office supply stores. It isn’t as heavy as a standard postcard, but it will go through the mail.

  5. The Ides of Trump site which started this action stated for all of us to “mail” our cards “on” March 15th. Were you aware of that? It’s a little late now but you have all this neat, helpful stuff, but your mailing information is in direct conflict with the national movement that started this all!

    • Thanks for letting me know (I was not aware). I first heard about this idea from a friend on Facebook, and like so many social media-based campaigns, people seem to have differing ideas about how the details are supposed to work. A few weeks ago, a reader had asked if we could create a map and mailing guidelines that would help us coordinate the postcards so they ARRIVED on 3/15, and so I tried to oblige.

      It certainly is easier to send them on 3/15 than it is to try to get them all to arrive on a single day! In reality, I don’t think it will be tremendously detrimental if the postcards arrive within a one-week span of time, which (I expect) is what will happen. My bigger concern is that there doesn’t seem to be widespread awareness of this campaign, and that many people in my liberal community seem shockingly complacent about our current political reality.

      I have my doubts about an action like this affecting #45 directly. I think the more important part of this action is that it encourages us to keep up small acts of resistance by encouraging those around us to do something, and this is important as energy for resistance starts to flag. So let’s get out there and encourage our communities to send postcards even if they come back at us with feelings of apathy and hopelessness.

      In the meantime, I will change the mailing guidelines so they square with the ones given here: https://www.theidesoftrump.com/#stats which I hope is the site you are referring to.

  6. The campaign has always been to SEND ON MARCH 15.

  7. I changed the tweet ones to say Nasty Tweets are for Dirty Birds, then made the birds in the cage the same brown as the pile of stinky stuff. 😉 :-)

  8. I think the whole idea is great!. Yes the goal was to have the cards sent on 3/15/17 but some of us founded out late.
    I’m sending mine regardless of the lateness!
    Thank you!

  9. I didn’t hear anything on media about our pink postcards. Do you know how many were sent?

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