#TheIdesOfTrump: Send Postcards March 15


Someone had the brilliant idea that everyone in the resistance should send DJT a postcard that will arrive March 15, expressing their dissatisfaction with his policies. The vision is to essentially bury the White House in paper. Not exactly a zero waste concept– but at least postcards have a lower carbon footprint than a letter. At this point, I’m willing to suspend my Zero Waste beliefs for our broader political gain.

As readers will know, I’ve created a bunch of issue-based postcards and some detailed instructions on how to print them. I would be happy to create more easy printables. I’m loving the ‘pink slip’ concept I found on Twitter. Please see this post for printable versions of these cards.

Remember to send the postcards, too!
President (for now) Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

And you might want to get out there and buy yourself some postcards stamps to share with your friends, because I’m guessing USPS is going to run out.


  1. I did send a postcard to president Bannon at the White House… with return address at Trump Tower in case it’s not accepted

  2. Postcards preferred to letters: They routinely check the envelopes for anthrax or something.

  3. To maximize the amount of mail delivered on one day at the White House. the date you mail should be a function of your zip code: in California, mail on March 10 or 11; in Washington DC mail on March 14; etc. Can someone prepare such a table of zip codes?

  4. Where do I get the postcards?

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