Postcards for Keeping Up the Pressure on Cabinet Confirmation Hearings/ Votes


Thanks to some brave action by Democrats (thanks Senator Feinstein), there is still a chance that some of Trump’s problematic cabinet picks could be voted down. Here are some printable postcards to send to your (hopefully Republican, hopefully swing state) representatives:

Cabinet + Bannon

I am slightly reassured to hear (I think) that Trump was not fully briefed on the Executive Order he signed to re-structure the National Security Council to include Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.   While it suggests that his oversight is just as poor as we suspected it might be, it also leaves open the possibility that this horrible decision could be expediently rescinded.  I believe we need to run a parallel strategy to support new legislation to remove him from the NSC.  To that point, here are some more printable postcards:

Bannon Cannot be on the NSC

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