1.25.17 Build Bridges Not Walls


Today Donald Trump signed Executive Orders  to “build the wall,” and to step up deportations.  He is contemplating action to ban Syrian refugees seeking asylum here.  Each of these actions infuriates me.  The Wall I’ve addressed here.  The deportations here.  As for banning Syrian Refugees, I’m silenced by my anger.  For those who haven’t seen it yet, I direct your attention to this cartoon on the role climate change and drought may have played in what would become the Syrian Refugee crisis.  Pay close attention, because similar situations are brewing all around the world.  How will we and our children live with the moral hazard of having created these crises, and then locked out the victims?  I’m not looking forward to explaining this one to my kids, and I worry about the depression and confusion that they will face as they come of age in the world we are creating–one that runs against every principle they have been taught to believe.

So on that note, here are the printable postcards for today.  Send in any ideas you may have related to the Syrian Refugee lockout.

Arbitrary Borders-Build BridgesNotWalls

Build Bridges

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