Affordable Care Act: Care Not Chaos



What a day it has been. Between Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline being given new life, and Trump asserting that we are going forward with a wall on the border, it’s tempting to bury the head in the sand and give up. In some regard, though, one wonders if Trump isn’t asserting these largely symbolic positions to appease his base, while stalling on an issue that runs the risk of making most of America really angry: the promised repeal of the affordable care act. The more I read about the potential consequences of repeal, the more I think that even the Republicans won’t be fool enough to do it. Part of me wonders if the ultimate power play would’t be for the Republican Congress to finally bring us into the single payer system, with Trump getting to be a ‘change maker” by blowing off the insurance companies. That certainly would be a coalition builder… Just pretend it was your idea, Republicans.

In truth, nothing could be more serious than the erosion of ACA. Some describe it as a three legged stool comprised of 1.subsidies and Medicaid expansion 2. the individual mandate and 3. consumer protections. Eliminating any one leg will make the whole thing collapse. As someone who had to forego early prenatal care with my first pregnancy because my self-paid insurance deemed it a ‘preexisting condition’, and who spent months and a significant portion of my income dealing with bills after complications arose, I can personally attest to the value of these protections when it comes to improving health. My case is one among millions.

So for my first round of postcard writing as part of the Women’s March 10 Actions 100 Days, I focused on sending postcards to my soon-to-be Congressman, and avowed ACA-repealer Warren Davidson in Ohio’s 8th District appealing to his (our) better angels. I hope it helps.

I’ve also created a printable postcard template (for how to use it, see tutorial here) focusing on ACA for others to use. Post pictures if you do!


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