10 Actions for 100 Days, Action 1: Postcards


I’m excited that the brilliant Women’s March organizers are continuing the momentum we experienced on Saturday with a “10 Actions in 100 Days” campaign. The first action is “Sending a Postcard to your Representative.” The campaign has printable postcards, or you can fabricate one of your own. This is an opportunity for us to take the many truths of our Women’s March Signs and send them directly to our representatives. I’ve gone ahead and combined some of the Women’s March signs into full sheet, back and front postcards that you can print at home, or send to a copy shop. Please click on the images below to access the PDF files for each batch of postcards.  I’ve saved these files to a shared FedEx account for easy printing– tutorial here.

We’ll start with the beautiful images from the official march:

Amplifier We the PeopleThis lot are for those who want to communicate about what is at stake regarding reproductive rights:
Being a Mother

This one I’m calling my “Conservative District Mash Up”– I will be moving to a conservative district in Ohio come August, and these are the cards I’m planning to send to my future representatives. I tried to find some messages that I thought might ‘make a case’ to those not dyed in the liberal wool.
Coservative District Mash Up

Domestic Policy Mash Up:

Domestic Policy

Environmental Policy Mash Up: I feel like these could be a lot stronger– if I can find the time, I’ll work on them.
Eviromental Policy Mash Up

Immigration and International Relations: For more information on DACA and Dreamers, click here.
Immigration and International Relations

Finally, here’s one specifically for those of you who want to write about Trump’s cabinet picks.
Swamp Things

Here are the newest additions:


Arbitrary Borders-Build BridgesNotWalls

Build Bridges

Postcards to build accountability for Republicans:

Republican Special

Postcards against Bannon:

Bannon Cannot be on the NSC

And from Instagram listed under #WhyIMarch you can find all these inspiring examples of people who’ve already taken action:

Keep the momentum going. #womensmarch #10actions100days #stayangry #focused #wonderwomen

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