How to Print Signs



OK Procrastinators, it’s time to finish those signs!  If you want to print some of the ready-made options from this site, here’s a few options for you.

A. Use your LOCAL independent copy shop:

  • Call your local copy shop, get their email address, and make sure they can print 11×17
  • Email the links of the sign(s) you want to print to the copy shop– be sure to send the link to the PDF.   Here’s how to do it: from the ‘Find your Sign” page, click on the “Get Poster” button for the sign you want.  This will open the PDF.  Go up to your navigation/ search bar in your browser, and copy the link.  You can do this on your phone web browser by clicking the little box with the upward pointing arrow  and then clicking copy, like this:






B. Send to a FedEx Kinkos chain near you to print

I uploaded the signs I made, as well as the beautiful artwork for the Women’s March provided by the Amplifier foundation (thank you to Mina Brown who donated, and therefore got printable versions of these files) to a generic FedEx account that you can use to print.

Go to: and click “Log In” in the upper right hand corner.

Username: sparrowpost    Password: WeWillRise1.21

Once logged in, go to the drop down menu under “My Online Documents” and select “Oder from my Online Documents”

my online docs

You will see two folder options.  the “Find Your Sign” signs are in “My Documents.”  The Official Women’s March “We the People” posters are in the “We the People” folder.  Click on the folder you wish to print from.

folder options

Select the sign from the list of items you want to print and then go to “Set Print Options” at the bottom

:list of files

When you set up the document, you want to be sure to

1) Black and White: set black and white documents to BLACK AND WHITE so that you don’t pay the price for a color print.  You change this under the “print color” menu.  Obviously if you want to print color, you should leave this checked.  Color 11×17 prints on standard paper look like they’ll cost ~$2.

black and white

2) Lamination: Further down that same menu, you will see an option to have your sign laminated.  This costs ~$4 for a 11×17 sign, and could be a good investment if you are planning to march in the rain.

2) Size: you want to specify 11×17 printing by “Adding Special Instructions”and just typing in “11×17”

Fedex special instructions

4)  Finally, you will send the document to print, and select a store near you for pickup.  Because you added special instructions, you will pay at the store.  Color printing should be under $5 per sign, Black and White should be under $2 per sign. I’m not sure what lamination costs, so it might be good to check on that.

Hope this helps everyone get their sign printed.

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