1.11.17 Signs: Build Bridges Not Walls

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One visitor to the site asked for some signs about ‘the Wall’ that unPOTUS-elect just reiterated his commitment to building in the first 100 days.  I’ve added the signs (above) to the gallery at the end.  The “This Land Is Our Land/Esta Tierra Es Nuestra Tierra” sign is not explicitly about the Wall– but shows an image of the pre-1845 US Boundary.  While the image makes a specific point about the arbitrary nature of our Southern Border (which continued to be undefined in many segments throughout the 20th century), it provides a broader message about our collective residence on this planet.  National boundaries will be forced to the breaking point by US-induced climate change.  No amount of wall-building will shield the US from the moral, humanitarian crisis that is knocking at our door.

One Comment

  1. Bridges, not walls should have red state appeal for those who are thoughtful.

    This is our land is a blue state concept…….how to make the red states understand this?

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