Women’s March: Find Your Sign!



There are so many reasons to get our there and march on 1/21, either in Washington DC or in one of the Sister Marches being held throughout our Nation.  A great way to get energized and to get clarity on our reasons for marching is to host a sign-making party– get some big sheets of paper or old sheets to paint, brainstorm some ideas, eat and drink, plan for the day.

If you are looking for a shortcut, though, below are a bunch of free PDFs you can download and print. Detailed printing instructions can be found here.  They are designed to be printed at a copy shop on 11×17 paper.  Simply click on “Get Poster” to link to a downloadable PDF.  You can email it to your local copy shop… you could even send them the direct link for printing.  These signs are in no way exhaustive… but hopefully will help remind us of why we need to get out there and get loud.

Always Forward Never Back
Anti-Choice = Pro-Crime
Anti-Choice = Pro-Poverty
Audit the Election
#Black Lives Matter
Care Not Chaos
Dreamers/ DACA
End Private Prisons
Fair Housing Now
Fight for 15
Future is Nasty
Hands off My Pussy
Hands Off My Vagina
I just took a massive trump...
Internment NEVER AGAIN
Keep it in the Ground
Love is Love
Make America Smart Again
Not My President
Pubic Lands
Revolution is Uterized
Stop Fascism
Stop Islamophobia
Swamp Things
You Break It
Tweets Are For Birds
Hot Garbage
This Land Is Our Land
Esta Tierra Es Nuestra Tierra
Build Bridges Not Walls
Diplomacy is the Best
Be a Lie Swatter
Motherhood Should be a Choice
Tweet Swatter


  1. I want one about the wall!!

    • I don’t have any ideas on the wall yet, it’s so stupid and preposterous that it’s difficult to engage with. Send in your thoughts! On immigration, a friend recommended the following… Any votes for one of these?

      1. Immigrants make America Great

      2. Bienvenidos Hermanos

      3. No importa de dónde eres, estamos contentos que seas nuestros vecina

  2. #BreakTheWall
    Build bridges not walls
    Don’t fall for The Wall

  3. Thanks for these! A note that “fascism” is misspelled, if you can fix that one!

  4. Do you mind if I tweet your ideas?

    • Please do. Most of these ideas are borrowed (I’ve tried to stay within the bounds of fair use) and I just wanted to make sure they were available as broadly as possible. Thanks!

    • By the way, feel free to use my twitter handle: @Cablackpot

  5. Where are the Amplifier poster PDF files? I was re-directed to the Kickstarter site.

    ps: Thank you for wonderful effort!

  6. Thanks so much for posting the link!

    • When at Michael’s earlier to buy supplies, A young girl next to me figured out exactly why I was buying poster board. How, I don’t know. She is going to march alone tomorrow. I told her to look for me at a certain corner. New friend : )

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