November 8, 2016: Day of Opportunity!


I submitted my ballot by mail last week– and I have to say that despite this being a horrible year in national politics, that there is actually a lot of great opportunity for positive change on my local California and LA County Ballot. Here’s a roundup of how I voted, with some of my favorite social media posts/campaigns on each.

President: Obvious! Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine! I love this clip from Louis C.K.– “we’ve had 240 years of fathers– it’s time for a mother!”

CA Ballot Initiatives:

Proposition 51 (school bonds): No (this one was really tough– ultimately, we voted ‘no’ based on assessment from Gerry Brown that this bond would essentially be used by developers to rationalize sprawl development, and that school bonds are better managed at a local level (see YES vote on CC, local community college bond for LA County).

Proposition 52 (Medi-Cal hospital fees): Yes– info here:

Proposition 53 (revenue bond voter approval): No

Proposition 54 (legislative transparency): No (I personally wanted to vote for this, it would make it easier for me to follow what is going on in Sacramento–which is important to my work– but I have concerns about the reasons behind the bill and that it might put undue burdens on the already insane legislative process).

Proposition 55 (income tax extension): Yes!

Proposition 56 (tobacco tax): Yes

Proposition 57 (criminal sentencing and parole): Yes

Proposition 58 (bilingual education): Yes

Proposition 59 (Citizens United constitutional amendment): Yes: meaningless, but sending a message

Proposition 61 (state prescription drug purchases): Yes

Proposition 62 (repeal death penalty): Yes

Proposition 63 (gun regulation): Yes. This is the one ballot initiative I gave money to this year. I promised myself after Sandy Hook that I would take action on gun violence. I sincerely hope this passes.

Proposition 64 (marijuana legalization): Yes?

Proposition 65 (carryout bag fees): No

Proposition 66 (accelerate death penalty): No

Proposition 67 (plastic bag ban referendum): Yes


Measure A (L.A. County parcel tax for parks): Yes

Measure M (L.A. Metro sales tax for transportation): Yes This is the first time I’ve ever held a sign at a street corner for a ballot measure.

A great explanation of the equity benefits of Measure M here was produced by Investing In Place and can be seen here.


Measure CC (L.A. Community College District bond): Yes


Measure HHH (L.A. City homelessness housing bond): Yes

Measure JJJ (L.A. City affordable housing mandate): Yes

Find your nearest polling place and vote #YesOnJJJ tomorrow!

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LA County Department of Public Health did an Health Impact Assessment on JJJ here. Though there appear to be concerns that it would ‘make the affordability crisis worse‘, I think the protecctions it proposes would set up good groundrules for devlopment around our transit investments, and that we need to come up with financing solutions to make it happen at a state level.

Measure RRR (L.A. DWP reform): Yes

Measure SSS (L.A. City airport police pensions): Yes

And finally, because I care about San Diego’s ballot measures too: here are two great local guides:

Be sure to vote NO on prop B. and

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