Craft Refuge


wreath Based on the mirror provided by my friends on social media, I can now articulate that this presidential election is making me (and a lot of others) feel horrible. With the release of the Inside Hollywood tape as the final straw, the fact that we were still asked to dignify this process with our attention on Sunday night to another debate was too much.

Wallowing in the awfulness of it isn’t my thing, though, so I got myself a mindless diversion in the form of this pre-made Halloween Wreath from Paper Source.  My husband and I sat down on Saturday night and painstakingly punched out and assembled twenty paper flowers.  I felt a lot better afterwards, and I feel better every time I see it on my way to my apartment door.

Incidentally, I feel like this is the perfect thing for an indoor apartment front door– it might be too delicate to do well on a real outside front door (even here in mild mannered Los Angeles).  The hall in my apartment building is a lot like the inside of a mid-range hotel chain.  Normal Halloween stuff often looks a bit over the top in this situation– you don’t want anything to make you feel creepier than flourescent hall lights and the faint smell of garbage from the trash chute already make you feel.  This wreath elevates the situation, adding something pretty and yet still retaining some Halloween flair.

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