Lunapantsalong V: Saturday Jams

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DSC02335DSC02333 My Luna Pants were finally finished over two months ago– and I have gotten A LOT of wear out of them. They are possibly my favorite weekend pants ever. I’m not sure if this is a universal thing, or a San Diego thing, but when I wake up on Saturday morning, I feel a deep sense of compulsion to dress crazy. Jeans and a t shirt are not going to cut it– I feel like I need to wear something just a little wacky. These bright yellow pants fit the bill perfectly; they are super comfortable, and right at home with gardening, printmaking, child schlepping, and sideline-sitting at the t-ball field. As a result, though they are only two months old, they’re stained already… epoxy, a little block printing ink… and it’s a testament to how much I like them that I’m actually considering BUYING some new fabric to make a second pair for dress purposes.

My mom and mother in law were in town last weekend in time to witness my amazing wacky Saturday fashion, and both agreed that the pants reminded them of Jams. The young may not remember, but the internet does:

Jam pants 1


These 80s baggy pants were apparently a Hawaii surf trend (could it be related to the Monpe???) that came to my hometown of Ocean Beach, CA in a big way when I was probably 7 or 8 years old. Unbelievably, they seem to have been most popular among men. I can still remember some of my friends’ dad’s (especially the surfer dads) wearing these.


I think I may have had a knockoff pair myself, but they were pretty tame in comparison to the range of colors and styles that were out there:
I remember that at the time they offended my young fashion sense (as did almost the entire decade- growing up in the 80s convinced me that I hated fashion). Irony of ironies that I have now returned to the Jams for my weekend wear.

As I contemplate my second pair, the hardest part will probably be duplicating the strange manipulations I made to the pattern in order to accommodate my fabric shortfall. I may make them a bit longer next time to assist with my bike riding plans–incidentally, that elastic ankle is excellent for the weekend cyclist.

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  1. There is a reason this fashion trend did not last. Just sayin’.

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