Creative Waste: Why I had that extra yellow fabric

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   The bedspread on my bed is nine years old, and very shabby. For the past four years I’ve had plans to make a cover for it, and it’s been a long process to come up with a design that I like for the duvet cover. At some point the grey/black/yellow color scheme became very on-trend, and I decided that was what I wanted to do for this project. Just for fun, how awesome is the paint job on the Los Angeles Museum of Art and Craft? I still have never been–but that’s a story for another day. Anyway, after some trolling of pintrest I saw this awesome giant patchwork design: and decided it might be simple enough for me to execute. (I typically draw the line for myself when it comes to quilting). So using this inspiration: I copied the design but produced it in grey and yellow.

Where the problem has come in so far is picking the right shade of yellow. My projects typically progress VERY slowly, so I have lots of time to overthink things. On four separate occasions I have purchased four different yellow fabrics. The mustard, I determined, would not work– and hence it became the fabric for my Luna Pants. But I’m not sure about the other three shades of yellow– I can see merits and downsides to each. I’m embarrassed that I have made the mistake of buying so many colors, but, I assure you that I will (a la the cat in the hat) use all this fabric for something, someday.

In the meantime, dear creative readers, can somebody help me decide which yellow to use? Numbered 1 through 4 below:



-4-  (not yellow, obviously, but just as a thought)

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  1. 2. It’s not too bright or out of the tones of the gray/mocha. I like
    the blue but it’s a whole different feel.

    And that’s all that I have to offer!

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