On the joy of being left behind this Bike Month…


   So much exciting stuff is happening in the world of non-automotive transport this May in Los Angeles.  The rail line from downtown to the beach in Santa Monica opened today.  There has been a Ciclavia-type open street event almost every weekend day this month.  In some ways a beautiful vision really feels like it’s being realized.  

I’ve been feeling a little sad because due to sickness and the general state of working full time and having a 7-year old and a 1-year old I haven’t been able to participate that much in all the cool stuff.  Sometimes the prevailing sentiment of motherhood is that the world is passing you by.

On the flip side, I am practicing feeling gratitude for the fact that this movement has so many incredible, committed people who care about it that it doesn’t matter one bit whether I myself am there or not.  I would like to be riding the rail to the beach today for the first time in 60 years… But probably the more important thing is that (hopefully) for the next sixty years Angeleanos will have the opportunity to do this every day.  My kids will be able to take themselves to the beach without worrying about parking, or polluting our air and water with co2 and oil.  It’s a great day.  

So the bike rack has had to rest (literally doubling as a plant holder). Rather than enjoying the southeast cities Ciclavia we rode and walked our way to school and the store and work this bike month in the way we do with most months.  Young children shrink your world, but there is much joy in the fact that, thanks to the hard work is many, the world they will inherit is becoming in some ways better.


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