In the Garden: 6.5.15


garden 6.6.15
This summer I’ll be joining in the SouleMama “In the garden” blog along. I maintain the garden at my son’s elementary school, and I’m hoping it will be a good motivator to keep it up over the summer. Today (6/5) was the last day of the school year. Pencils down!
photo 2
If it was also the last day of gardening, it would be pretty sad–almost all the good stuff is just getting started. Fortunately, STAR camps will keep the school grounds open through the summer, and hopefully I will also have some summer session gardeners to help me. I’ll miss my regulars, though–the core group of kids that loiter about after school and suddenly appear as soon as the garden gate is open. Some days I don’t have much for them to do besides water (I need to invent more activities, or have more space to cultivate)–but even on those days they seem excited to come, and see what has changed from the day before. Watching things grow is the best part of gardening, after all.

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