Letters to Princess Celestia


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It’s true, in our household we are big fans of Hasbro’s updated “My Little Pony” (MLP) series. Not only have we watched all four seasons available on Netflix, but we have also purchased and read a number of the comic books, and have just recently cracked the digital cover on some of the fan fiction involving the MLP characters. While our family eagerly awaits the release of Season 5, we have to do something with ourselves. So we decided to try some MLP-style letter writing.

For those who may have missed this wonderous television event, early MLP shows have a sort of “Dougie Houser, MD” thing going on, where at the conclusion of each episode, the nerdy main character (Twilight Sparkle) writes a letter to her mentor (Princess Celestia) detailing which lesson of friendship she has learned in the course of the episode. These letters are written on a scroll using a red quill pen, are sealed, and are then “mailed” by Spike, her trusty dragon sidekick, who dispatches them to the Princess by charring them with his flaming dragon breath.

So, of course WE had to try this at home. Fortunately, the internet offers up many great tutorials on carving quill pens (here is our favorite from YouTube–if only all ‘how to’ videos were this awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89tJ7UPpl1Q). The lovely Florida Antiquing Town of Micopany had all necessary supplies, from ink to 50 cent turkey feathers, available in some of their fascinating shops. And for the seal and sealing wax we can thank Santa, who certainly didn’t envision such a robust usage of this gift as it has ultimately received.

Possibly the best part from a junk accumulation perspective, is that after we finish one of these letters, we ‘send’ it by ‘vaporizing’ it. No scrolls lying around the house = happiness. Thanks MLP, for the hours of holiday fun.

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