Pumpkin Little


IMG_5421  IMG_5423

Four months later we’re enjoying the byproducts of the ornamental squash that overran the garden in June.  Here’s another one that came out of the mix seed packet–I think it’s called “Orange Ball.”  (I would never be able to successfully ID these if it weren’t for Amy Goldman’s amazing book “The Compleat Squash“, which is an unbelievably beautiful tribute by a true fancier).  It also appears to be sold under the title “Pumpkin Little” by Botanical Interests. After we’d already grown quite a number of these, my son saw the Botanical Interests seed packet at the nursery, and based on the illustration, which depicts lots of adorably painted miniature pumpkins, was pretty convinced we should grow some more.


We managed to get out without buying the seeds, but with the promise that we’d try decorating the ones we’d already grown.

Here are our combined efforts:



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